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6L80e/6L90e/8L90e/6T70e Engine/Transmission Tuning


Message me through the Questions tab for info about signing up...I will not respond to technical questions unless you are a paid subscriber. Calibration and Config files will not open directly from the site, they must be downloaded to your computer in order to open. is a website designed to answer all your technical questions involved with Impala tuning, Camaro Tuning, CTS-V Tuning, Corvette Tuning, G8 Tuning, Escalade Tuning, and Truck Tuning. Specializing in vehicles equipped with the 6L80/90 transmission, the 8L90 transmission, and the 6T70 transmission. Whether you drive an Impala, G8, Vette, Camaro, CTS-V, Escalade, or even a Pickup, if it has a 6L80E/6L90E/8L90E/6T70E,  I can help. From stock to wild, low stall to high, you’ll find all the tips and tricks to getting your jewel running smooth.

For a small fee of $99.99 you will have a FULL YEAR of access to pages full of frequently asked questions, tuning articles, tune/config files, tutorials and images plus 2.23 to current VCM suite downloads! You’ll also have access to a "Members Only Forum" in which you can directly ask me any technical questions not covered in the FAQs/Articles pages. You can "key word" search the forums to find previously answered questions other members had.  Minor tuning tips will be available at no charge, however if we need to make significant changes there will be an additional tuning fee.  I'll also provide you with my recommendations on who/how to build the trans and what converter is best suited for your project.  You really don't want to waste money on inferior units or converters, I've been there. 

I go by the name "waker" or "wacker" on the forums and have thousands of satisfied customers with over TWENTY years of dedicated 6L/8L service.  We will leave no stone unturned, we WILL find the problem/solution. I do tuning support/teach many major speed/rebuild shops and have thousands of hours loging/tuning/testing my own 2010 test Camaro. I’ve ran a dozen different converters from 1800K-6000K stall and four different 6L80E transmission mods. I can also remote tune the engine whether FI or NA.  Most, if not all late model vehicles rely on the MAF to be dialed in for ALL driving conditions.  As we modify our vehicles, we inevitably change the amount of airflow being delivered.  In many cases, the MAF needs re-scaled to correct delivered torque values.  I can determine via logs if this is necessary and walk you through the process.

My software of choice is HP, but my knowledge is the vehicle.  If your software has a similar table, I can steer you in the right direction.  I have EFI and HP tunes on the site available for viewing and can tune with either one.  I can determine via the logs if the tranny is burnt or vehicle is simply tuned improperly.  This is a VERY complicated tranny, if not tuned correctly it will have a very limited life under any power over stock.  I've been in your shoes, let me give you the tools and save you some future pain/money!

Why pay to subscribe, simple, I've garnered a very specific degree of intellectual property that others simply do not have.  This is my hobby/passion!  My time/effort is unmatched and my fee will be an after thought once you see what the site/I offer.  Whether you're a beginner or avid tuner, I can help you through the mystery of the 6L/8L.  Sometimes individuals get their answers in a few threads, others may take weeks sometimes months.  What that means to you is, there are no dumb questions and I'm in it for the long haul. 

What our users are saying

"I joined this site for one car, usually I'm THE BEST in town for 6/8 speed tuning with stellar results and 100% satisfaction......Until I tuned a high HP Nitrous car, I did everything I could think of.  I knew It was a measured TQ calculation problem I just did not know how to adjust or correct, nor even where to start. For the $100.00 I paid, I made two changes to the tune, left the line on a 250 shot riding with the customer.....Man, I have been fighting this car for 2 weeks and the first time after using your methods the car is actually shifting firm at a .200 sec with a 3800 stall (yank).  I just want you and your team to know I greatly appreciate your efforts and can confidently say there isn't a 6/8 speed I can't tame now.  I'll be the only one in a 500 mile radius!"

"You did it!  Night and day difference. The car has really come to life! Cant wait to get to the track again" (2016 CTS-V)

"Very happy that you did this site. Sure helps with the "my​steries" of the 6l80e. First time using your information had me come back after the test drive proclaiming that this was the best 6L80 that I had ever driven. Well worth the money for the site. Tremendous, thanks"

"I was having a 2-3 shift problem that I could not fix. One of the big so called tuners offered to help. Sent them my tune and nothing. Even did a follow up and still nothing. That's when I got a PM from a CTSV forum member hooking me up with (wacker). Great guy and knows how to tune this tranny. His customer service is top notch also. Problems all fixed and the tranny feels great. Just want to give a big thanks to him and all of his hard work.  Thanks"

"Steve was critical in helping me achieve my goal of the fastest CTS-V thru stock exhaust. His troubleshooting skills to help solve some of my issues are incredible. He's made my car shift like stock under normal conditions while still producing ~750hp at the flywheel and running low 10's in a full weight sedan. His understanding and willingness to explain how the 6L80/90 works has been amazing. Without Steve, im not sure I would have been able to achieve my goal. Next time out, we are going for 9.99 full weight, and thru stock exhaust. I'm sure he will be able to ensure we have no TCM issues and thus meet that mark"  DONE!!!

"Here is the deal with the 6L80tuning site. I have had 6 tuners on my car and always had some sort of issue with the tranny (xx, xxxxxx, xxxxx, xxx, xxx, xxxxxxxx - hell, I even tried the tranny tune from the xxxxxx) . Flares, shifts too hard, hits the limiter, etc. I just marked it up to modding and driving a non-stock car. I downloaded the tuned 2010 tranny setup as a baseline, followed their instructions and my car has NEVER driven this well, ever. It was the best $99 I ever spent. Now, if you can get someone who has similar experience or capabilities mentored by Wacker/Waker, then that would be worth it. Then again, for another $xxx, Waker will tune your tranny. That is a relative bargain. Of course, all of this assumes you have HP Tuners or even EFI Live. For me, I think that if you are modding your car, you need to have this software, as a must, so you can adjust the tune, as necessary. Winter, bad gas, low octane, age of the car, etc will always require some tweaks. And, it is nice to have a backup of your tunes, stock, modified, whatever you have. The toolset is invaluable. ​"