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6l80/6l90 swap advice


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6l80/6l90 swap advice

i have a 2010 camaro ss and was planning on going the s/c route so i did a bunch or research and decide to take out the 6l80e for a 6l90e. well then i contacted tim king because his name kept popping up due to him having knowledge in this area. so i had him build me a transmission and per his instructions i attached my tcm to the 6l90 valave body, most everything seemed ok but i kept getting a wierd shift betweeen 2-3 and it feels like its gotten worse. it noses down loses rpms then shifts hard for the most part. i have been getting remote tuning but to no avail. i plan on taking the trans out and having it inspected due to reading on this forum i think its more then possible the wave plates were left out. im not goin s/c now but i want to keep the trans because it should be good with anything i throw. at it n/a probably might see 520whp all done and said if im lucky. question is once i locate the current issue can this swap work with good tuning or should i fix it and sell it. i also have zl1 diff and drive line. so it would be pretty expensive to switch back. thanks all

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