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6l80e , L98 and C3 Corvette

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6l80e , L98 and C3 Corvette

Hi, I joined this forum as i was told it had the best information on the 6l80e.

I have a 1980 C3 corvette with 2.87 rear diff ratio.

I wanted a conversion that would have the kick, great drivability and handling with good fuel economy.. 

The L98 in australia i think is a L76 without DOD hardware but it has LS3 heads and intake. The cam is weaker than the LS2... 

I got a new 6l80e 7CVA trans from a guy who brought it as a LS2 crate package and had it sat in his garage for ages.. 

Would like to decode the serial / code numbers but it seems its a 2007 model..

From what i have read i can only use a 2007 or flash a 2008 engine ECU to match the trans. 

I also read if i get a 2010+ engine ecu i cant flash it to a 2007-2008. I would need a new 2010+ tcm and flash it to the same as the engine , is that all correct ?

My question and reason for joining this forums

1. Engine and TCM years , place to buy 6l80e TCMs , is there a better year for flashing than others

2. Has anyone done a corvette conversion, is the TH400 slip yolk still the way to go and which is the best one to get (different lengths?)

3. Best way to connect the trans to the sifter, can i use and old shifter like in my C3 or do i need a new style shifter like commodore VE 

4. Is a new shifter needed to use all 6 gears and would a crate engine and trans have TUTD functions or does that need to be flashed in.


Thats all for now. Thanks everyone :)
Ill try and get some pics uploaded. 

P.S i have not brought a engine yet, and im in Australia

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