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c6 built 6l questions


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c6 built 6l questions

Hey I had a few questions about setting up my TT C6. I'm still waiting on the motor so I wanted some info now while I have down time.

1) Can someone explain what the problem is with speed density tuning with the 6l80e? Does this simply mean I can't run a hybrid map/a map sensor at all? This forum is the first I've heard of this.

2) How much power can a stock c6 converter hold? I'd like to not have to drop the rear subframe in my garage, on jack stands. A converter is in my budget, but around here it would be way too much in labor to have someone else do it.

3) Has anyone experimented with alternative transmission fluids? Like the amsoil super shift, and "racing" oriented synthetics? What is the best fluid to use on a real high hp 6l80e? I don't care about having the nastiest shifts, I just want the thing to live as long as possible with lots of boost.


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