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Full throttle shift change


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Full throttle shift change

hey have finally got gear box working mint now after a lot of fucking around hahah thanks to the info on this site so cheers, but what Iam having trouble with now is when your just cruising at 50 70 or 100 it dosnt matter but when you put foot flat so WOT nothing happens for a split second then you can hear engine want to rev and drop down a gear then nothing happens agains then it finds a gear then wants to go or it just revs and won’t go anywhere till you back off. It was working b4 but still took a split second to make up its mind then it would take off so tried to get it to respond straight away and drop back gear and go so i tried putting the base ctsv file that you emailed me last week, I put all the part throttle shift, full throttle shift speed and the full throttle shift rpm tables. Do the torque adder, transition time and the desired output torque factor tables off that base tune as well or na?. Just want it to drop back a gear or two and take off hahah any help will be very greatfull cheers!

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