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G8 built 6L80 random wot 3-4 slow shift

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G8 built 6L80 random wot 3-4 slow shift

I have a customer with a 2009 G8 with a 6L80 built by Adam Cooper we're trying to figure out this slow 3-4 shift on wot (1-2 and 2-3 feel fine). It seems to happen worse as it gets hot. This morning we did 2 runs and it shifted nice and clean the first time, then we had about 15 minutes before coming back around to our test spot and making another run and the 3-4 shift was noticeably slower (.4 sec). Now unfortunately I fat fingered the touch pad and closed the first run log, but I saved the second run with the delayed shift. He was having this issue at the track as well, but it was much hotter and the shift was taking around 1.5 seconds then. I've attached the tune file and the second run log. The trans tune on it is mostly from Crawford (Adam Cooper said he had to tune it originally), I've tweaked it since then and gotten most of the shifting better, this 3-4 is eluding me and it seems to be temp related. Any insight would be great, thanks!

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