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Got a built 6L90


Circle D Level 2 and 3 Install kits available!!!!!!!!!! Message me through the Questions tab for info... Additional $100 off tuning during COVID. 


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Got a built 6L90

Whats up everyone...

I recently had a built 6L90 installed in my G8. The previous trans, although built supposedly, started slipping in second gear. The trans that I have now was built by a very reputable builder local to the DMV (Washington DC area).

This trans runs GREAT! So great that I had to turn all of my shift pressures, line pressures and oncoming/offgoing clutch volumes back to STOCK. Even with a STOCK FILE from TDS, this thing has a pretty firm shift...

I have a few questions...

1. I noticed while rolling through a parking lot it manual first, I have no engine braking. The rest of the gears do have it though. Is it possible that the builder did this to protect idiots from breaking something?

2. I have irratic rev matching when manually downshifting. Sometimes it TRIES and sometimes it just grabs the next lower gear when I select it.

3. The 1-2 shift is inconsistently HARSH. Sometimes its soft under light throttle (which is what I want) and sometimes its HARSH.

Ive tried to run a fast learn but it keeps failing. I THINK the adapts may be causing these issues. Simply because the TCM has not clue whats going on. Tune file attached. Im not too worried about the engine braking in 1st gear. I assumed this was done to keep from breaking something. Should I disable the adapts?

Thanks in advance

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