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Just beginning, where to start?

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Just beginning, where to start?

Good Afternoon, 

Brand new here and have tried to read a bunch before posting. I put all of my trans settings back to stock and ran the adaptive resets (all 3). That has gotten things back inline for the most part. I'm working on a 2009 LY6/6L90 swapped into my 78 2wd Blazer.

When cold I'm still getting sloppy/flaring 2-3 for the first few shifts. After reading it sounds like I should be checking my MAF curve to make sure it's not lower than stock anywhere (which I believe it may be in a couple spots). Other than that this thing currently has headers and that's pretty much it as I want to get it really working well before going further on the engine.

I read the TM fine tuning screen and am wondering should I go in and make the changes you illustrate on that page? When you speak about adjusting the TM is it the Shift Torque Factor that you're talking about??

Basically I'd like to crisp up the shifts and over all getting a nice smooth feel at light throttle and firm/quick at part/WOT.

I've attached both the stock and current tune. I'm running in Speed Density only becuase with the MAF on the truck cold idled terrible. 

Great site and I look forward to some better shifting! I had originally purchased the 6 speed tuning guide from the Tuning School and I've learned SO much more here in 1 day for the same $$$. Thank you so much!


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