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Makiing a test pass and when it shifted into 5th transmission acted strange. Pulled over checked and found the P 2724 code. Cleared the code and data logged the drive back t 1 co the shop. Pcs 1 command pressure started showing 290psi instead of the normal 110. Transmission is a fresh built 6l90. PATC Stage 4 that uses powerglide clutches, Zip kit, Circle D converter and a Derale Twin fan 32,000 BTU cooler mounted in the rear, Fluid was clear except for the clutch material (tolerences were tight). No burnt smell. I cleaned the valve body with no luck and still no reverse. I am replacing the control module today, I am still using the tune i was using with my stock 6L90. Do i need to back down pressures? Load the 2011 CTSV file or 2012 ZL1 file and start from there? i was getting pretty much zero slip before.below are the logs and tunes



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