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Virtual Torque


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Virtual Torque

Hey Gents,


I have a FBO 6.0 G8 with a RCR dominator pro cam and a 3500 stall. I have a centrifugal blower that will be here in a week. Does everyone play with the virtual torque tables or is it mainly just changing shift times, pressures, and shift scheduling? The issue I am currently having is when the trans shifts while cruising, it appears to take a lot of timing out. Its like the engine looses too much inertia after the shift due to the converter and timing if that makes any sense. The engine RPM dips and catches up immediatly after the shift. It is not a harsh shift at all, just feels super lazy. Agressive to WOT feels fine. Also, when I look at others tune files, I see people changing the EQ ratio under engine/ torque model/ general. Their airmass/map based tables are unchanged, which leads me to think people arent really messing with the virtual torque tables. 

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