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Methanol Injection


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This page is dedicated to Methanol Injection. For starters, Methanol Injection can be used for boosted and NA applications. Many know the benefits of spraying a 50/50 or even 100 percent methanol into the intake. However most assume it is for boosted applications only.

Below you will see two back to back logs of my NA 2010 Camaro at the track, one with meth and one without.  You'll notice the difference in timing during launch (most critical point) as well as the rapid decrease in intake air temp.  The run with Meth launched with an IAT 8 Degrees higher and still recovered to be roughly 10 degrees lower at the bottom of 3rd. The overall drop in IAT equated to 57 DEGREES from launch to completion!  That may not sound like much when compare to a boosted application, but just look at your IAT Timing correction table and you will see just why the car picks up power. The car ET'd exactly one tenth of a second better and picked up 2 MPH. 

To get the most from your Methanol Kit, I recommend an aftermarket Omega #TH-44005-40-T "thermomister" IAT sensor which sees a much faster adjustment of IAT compared to the stock one in the MAF.  The stock one works, but it simply does not preform like a thermomister.