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Pressure Control Solenoid readings


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Pressure Control Solenoid readings

Hey Wacker

I need some help understand the reading in the scanner

I know PCS 1 Command Pressure is the control pressure the number 1 solenoid sends to the pressure regulator valve to control main line pressure. I found a chart that gives a rough formula to figure actual line pressure from this reading...

Are the rest of them the same? Because I can't find anything in my tune that corrosponds to the 110 PSI when the given clutches are fully applied.... Meaning if that 110 psi uses the same formula the PCS 1 does my cluctch pressure would be about 285 PSI all the time.

Now I'm completely stock and haven't done any WOT runs to see if the 110 PSI from the clutch solenoids ever goes up



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