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2009 GXP Trans Tuning Guidance


Circle D Level 2 and 3 Install kits available!!!!!!!!!! Message me through the Questions tab for info...


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2009 GXP Trans Tuning Guidance

Hey everyone. Last year I built a LSA enigne for a customer for his 09 GXP. Hes got one of my blower cams and a ported LSA blower on top, it is currrently making 660 at the tires on pump gas. I have just been having a heck of a time tuning in the transmission. It has a Circle D 265mm triple disc 3000 stall converter, billet input shaft and other than that it is stock. The main issue I was having was the fact that somone else tuned the car before the new engine and it just shifts like a bag of crap, just all over the place. So i downloaded a stock trans tune, changed it all back to stock and used the BC trans calculator and it seems to have made a difference for the better. Now i just dont know where to go. This is only my second time tuning on HP tuners ( I have extensive tuning knowledge on Holley, Fuel Tech, Motec, ETC.). I just really do not want to have to buy this guy a new trans. Any guidance would be really appreciated. Thank you

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