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2010 Camaro cammed and supercharged


Circle D Level 2 and 3 Install kits available!!!!!!!!!! Message me through the Questions tab for info...


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2010 Camaro cammed and supercharged

First i'd like to understand what a "Flare" is ?

Secondly i have a cammed and supercharged 2010 camaro with Circle D Single disc making 630 rwhp. I have the Tuning School courses to follow for advice but i think i'll get better results here so i'm trying you out.  The car shifts fine and drives well but it just destroys the tires on the street and is very scary.

It's not a radical cam this thing purrs at idle has a smooth idle cam but it's a fast revving engine.  So while cruising if you go WOT the car downshifts and revs to 4000+ rpm then smokes the tires and your in fear of your life lol.  So i'm looking to see if it's possible to tune the trans to better operate with all this power or is this just going to be the nature of the beast?  I'm not quite sure i have the torque converter settings right either so i'll post a file for you to look at.  I'm thinking i can add mph for part throttle so it doesn't shift so soon and fast but that isn't going to fix the cruising then going to WOT issue. 

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