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2011 CTSV 3-4 Shift Help


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2011 CTSV 3-4 Shift Help

I've got a 2011 CTSV that's been giving me some trouble that I can't figure out.  I was running a mail order tune for a long time and everything was working great.  Last year I installed bigger injectors and a flex fuel kit and got it tuned.  The tuner scaled the tune for the bigger injectors which in turn threw off the calculated torque.  When I left his shop it was flaring terribly on every upshift.  I worked with him over emails trying to dial it in by changing the Airmass A table for the torque calculations.  We ended up multiplying the entire table by 1.65.  Every shift except the 3-4 firmed up.  The 3-4 shift in normal mode will flare at low rpm's and low load.  At wot the 3-4 shift in normal mode will flare so badly it will hit the rev limiter.  In sport mode it doesn't ever flare at low rpm's and low load.  At wot in sport it doesn't flare, it feels like it more or less "slides" into 4th.  No flare but you can't feel a noticeable jerk as it changes gears.  Every other shift is firm and crisp.  

I logged some runs and noticed that the calculated torque was really low.  Around 350 ft lbs at wot.  Just messing around with the Airmass A I had to multiply the entire table by 5 to even get close to the correct torque readings.  My car makes around 600 whp and the same torque.  With the mail order tune I noticed on one log I ran that the calculated torque was maxed at 640 for the entire 3rd gear at around 50% throttle.  I have the same shift times and pressures with both tunes.  The shift times are stock but the pressures have been increased.

I also tried changing the 3-4 shift to use the discrete torque setting and it gets rid of the flare at part throttle in normal mode so I feel it's definitely tune related. I'm not very experienced with tuning.  Is there anything else that could cause the calculated torque to be off so much?

I'll attach the original mail order tune and the log, the 1.65 multipled tune and a log, and the 5x tune and a log.  I also have TM disabled thinking that maybe that was the issue.

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