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2011 Turbo Silverado 3k circle d trans tune suggestions


Circle D Level 2 and 3 Install kits available!!!!!!!!!! Message me through the Questions tab for info...


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2011 Turbo Silverado 3k circle d trans tune suggestions

Hello, I have a 2011 turbo silverado ecsb z71 4x4 with stock trans. I recently installed a circle d 3k billet triple disc and since then i haven't quite been satisfied with the shifts especially the 1-2. It feels like i have a slight shudder/vibration for a split second as soon as it starts to make the shift. The actual shift feels good and firm with no slipping or flaring after its been made. I've tried making a couple minor changes myself but didn't help much. The truck makes 600+ whp but currently is turned down on power until i get the shifting where it needs to be. I know having a log file is key to everything on the site but i can't get any of the trans configs to download? I have the 4.0.6 version of hp tuners. In the meantime i was hoping to have my tune looked over just to see if there are any obvious changes that could be made? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also thanks for the awesome and supportive website!

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