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2012 Corvette A&A 10psi Circle D stall


Circle D Level 2 and 3 Install kits available!!!!!!!!!! Message me through the Questions tab for info... Additional $100 off tuning during COVID. 


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2012 Corvette A&A 10psi Circle D stall

I will preface this by saying a build and tune a bunch of vehicles at my shop. I have my own Mustang chassis dyno however 99.5% of the vehicle are manual transmission so my automatic trans skill set is very low with the new 6L,8L & 10L cars & truck especially for high horsepower

This car is an A&A supercharged LS3, that make roughly a tad under 600 rwhp to the tire on my dyno which reads approx 15% lower than a dynojet. Just resently the customer installed a Circle D triple disc stall ~3000 rpm. 

The file he currently has only has changes to the torque management and max line pressure. Is there a thing of too much line pressure?

Torque Factor is set to 0.5996 from the factory 1.000 which I assume is full TM, and the Cold Multi is also set to 0.5996 so going to assume actual TM is 0.359 or 35% ( 0.5996 x 0.5996 )

Max Line Pressure in the 4000 & 7000 RPM columns is set to 594.1 psi from the factory setting which in a factory calibration tappers down from the OE 105.3 psi.

Just ordered the AC Delco truck filter and plan on changing it out along with over filling the transmission approx 1.5 qts.

Any help of suggestions would be appreciated.



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