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2012 grandsport corvette got a fun one!


Circle D Level 2 and 3 Install kits available!!!!!!!!!! Message me through the Questions tab for info... Additional $100 off tuning during COVID. 


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2012 grandsport corvette got a fun one!

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well over the holidays! 


I have a customer with a 2012 grandsport, about 2 months ago we did a circle d 3200 stall converter its been doing great and yesterday he says the wheels completely lock up and it came to a stop. Now the car will not move, If I rev it in reverse or neutral it will creep forward, same with D and S. It only has codes for O2 sensors and nothing else. Any idea what this could be??? It seems like the wheels could be locking up due to bad abs module but does not explain it moving forward in reverse. Also The shift linkage seems to be connected as we can push it forward in neutral not park. 

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