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2013 ZL1


Circle D Level 2 and 3 Install kits available!!!!!!!!!! Message me through the Questions tab for info...


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2013 ZL1

Hi Steve I’m a new member my name is Mike, I have joined to try to fix some issues I am having with my car.

My car is a 2013 Camaro ZL1 with Mass heads, APR head studs, Cam motion LLR cam, kooks headers, full 3” Corsa exhaust, ported blower, Roto-fab intake, 102mm TB, ID 1300s, Fore return system with duel 450 walbro’s. E85, alkycontrol methanol inj, 2.5/9.1 pulleys, Interchiller. Stock short block, stock 6l90 with a Circle D trip/disk 265mm 3a 3200 stall,

This is not a daily driver it may see 600 to 1000 miles a year, I ¼-mile drag race the car and to date the best it has gone 10.07 at 140. The issues I’m having is the converter is not locking until 4th gear, its set at 318 mph for 1,2,3 and 100 mph for 4th so I think I know how to fix that. The other issues I am having is when cruising in 5th gear the converter keeps locking and unlocking all the time not sure what’s causing that, also not sure if the pressures are correct or not. I have HP pro tuners and have been data logging the past couple trips to the track, I’m just not sure about the tune after reading about the 6l90, it a complicated trans to tune so I came to the expert. Over all I’m happy with the way the car drives but if there’s more in it I would like to get it out of it without breaking it (to soon) I know there’s a new trans in my future probably a Circle D. If it is some minor changes fine but if you look at it and its way off then I will have you tune it. Winter is upon us in the northeast so I may be able to get to the track 1 or 2 more times this season. I can send you those logs along with the tune for you to look at if you have some time. Thanks Mike.

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