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2018 6l80e sierra level 10 trans issues


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2018 6l80e sierra level 10 trans issues

Looking for some help on this one,

Whipple superchargered 2018 Silverado 450rwhp with circle D converter nothing crazy.

Long story short the trans worked great with converter for about a year, customer beats this truck pretty hard, so he was fine spending the money on a trans upgrade when his stop shifting only had second gear, no reverse...

Had Level 10 build me there 700hp trans pkg for this , got it in the truck today and well, it feels and works like S*it.

Been back and forth with the owner over there and not reallt getting and where ... hes blaming the trucks shifting and holding issues on not being able to do a GM Fast re-learn...we were able to reset the adaptive and but  not a Fast re-learn keep getting error Temp Low even with 190 temp.


Anyway here is a log of the truck right now and the bad flares it has with any throttle input above 25%...also the converter doesnt seem to want to hold at all when its too be locked up on the highway just mild increase in throttle and the slip rpm comes up...feels to me like there is very little trans line pressure. Before the rebuild the truck would stay locked up not issue on the highway with throttle input.


Willing to pay $$ for wacker to spend some time looking over my logs and helping figure issues out.  Customer has lots of $$ and wants his truck done and done right.

Attached are the OEM Stock tune file and the tune file for the Whipple

if you have a moment to call or email me direct that would be great

email for my #


Thanks you in advance ,


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