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2nd Gear Launches

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2nd Gear Launches

I know you mostly deal with tuning issues here but do you have experience with the actaul build/components and how power effects which components?

I have a built 6L80e PATC trans with there Quadroloc 2800 convertor at whatever they call there highest level. New setup will be 430 LSx, PD blower with approx. 200-250 shot direct port nitrous in a 5th Gen Camaro.  Old setup LS3 416 PD Blower, nitrous plate and was probably at or slightly above 1000 wrhp. Hoping for a few more ponies with new setup. This is the second PATC build and I realized probably 20,000 + hard miles on first with full time 10.5 slicks for the last 12,000 miles. In the past I have always launched in 1st and short shifted to 2nd with my nitrous controller set to not spray or at least minimize any nitrous until after 2nd gear. On new engine combo I think I will need to start testing with 2nd gear launches where I can bring nitrous in earlier. How much more punishment will this do on the trans vs 1st to 2nd  full power gear change? Would you expect more wear on the 2nd gear clutches? I think you have said in the past about the 1-2 shift was not clutch to clutch as the 2nd-6th gears are.

I know its time for a 4l80 or some other combination but I am willing to see how much the 6l80e will take. You have to admitt the tuning capabilities have improved substantially from that of just a few years ago.   This is a street car that is setup for 1/8 mile and I run out 3rd gear so very seldom shift 4th,5th or to 6th under full power. Will the 2nd gear launches place more load on the TC or will the clutches be the weak link? Don't we have the ability to apply more pressure to the clutches now? Your thoughts please?


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