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6l80 harsh 3-2 downshift


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6l80 harsh 3-2 downshift

I have a 2017 sierra 1500. Originally had a failed torque converter. I overhauled the transmission. New oem parts; new borg warner frictions, new pump and housing, new upper and lower valve bodies, new tehcm. Flashed with gm sps for initial operation. test drove; everything is perfect besides a harsh 3-2 downshift. Removed and reisnpected. Everything looks perfect. All clutch clearances are between .050" and .060". Inspected all my valves; free. Reinstalled with a new tehcm. All upshifts are perfect and feel like factory. I cant pinpoint what is giving me a harsh 3-2 coast down shift. I thinking about trying to tune it out. Maybe do a 3-1 skip shift on my coast down. Just looking for some insight on ideas and parameters to change. I was going to change the converter parameters to help prevent another converter failure. 

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