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6L80E Shifting Early


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6L80E Shifting Early

The vehicle is a Cadillac XLR-V with an LSA engine.  They come with an E67 ECU and a 6L80E T43 from the factory so it's nothing special or extraordinary..  I've tried changing Shift Speed and Shift RPM over a dozen times and no matter what I do, 1-2 shifts OKAY, sometimes early but usually shifts over 6000rpm, but never consistant.  2-3 always happens around 5700, and 3-4 happens around 5100. 4-5 shifts early as well around 5000rpm.  No matter what I change in shift speed or rpm, it always shifts early.  I might be missing something here, just not sure what. I've got the tune file along with some data log runs.  I made three log runs in the different shfit patterns, normal, pattern b, and tutd (letting the ecu shift).  I have tried from a complete stop, from a roll, nothing changes, always shifts early.  I have even gone to the extreme and changed the WOT shift speed and mph even higher all the way down to the 50% throttle and still shifts the same.  Nothing I change effects the shift points. I've treid with traction on, off, stabilitrak and traction off, and performance mode. Speedo is dead nuts accurate. 3.42's and 28" tall tire. Using 4.5.548 Beta Editor.




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