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6L90 Calibration for Paddle and TUTD


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6L90 Calibration for Paddle and TUTD

New member novice/beginner tuner. Using an Hp Tuner and a very non-standard setup. 

My car is a 70 Chevelle BBC aftermarket EFI @ 600hp/600tq. I adapted and bolted up a 6l90 with a TCI 3500 bolt together converter. 

I'm running an aftermarket controller for my 6L90 that has a TECM with 2010 Corvette calibration. The TCM is a PCS 2650. I also have a PCS Paddle Shifter and the PCS Console Shifter with a TUTD button on top. My main goal is to get it working in manual mode and shift with the Paddle.

The PCS instructions say it should work, but I can't get it to shift from either electronic control. The Paddle works and it shows the attempts to shift up and down. It can give you a digital readout of various trans info. It all appears to be working properly, but it won't shift the trans.

For starters; I'm trying to find out what calibration needs to be loaded in the TECM inside the trans to allow these outside inputs.

Thanks, Mark


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