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8L90 P0073/U0100: Engine accelerates to 5K


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8L90 P0073/U0100: Engine accelerates to 5K

This appears to be a new one for the 8L90 community.  Have a 2016 Camaro SS, built LT1 motor, D1X ProCharger, over 900HP.  Has been driving it for several months now.  Suddenly started going berzerk - cruising along at 50 mph, paddle shifting up & down through traffic, gets a little erratic momentarily and then warning lights come on (MIL, traction control), RPM jumps to 5000 and stays there, seems to be in limp mode, not sure what gear it's in but can't change it, brakes normally but stays at 5K until almost stopped, then comes down.  Shut car off when stopped.  Have to clear codes before restarting or it will go right back into that mode.  Clear the codes and restart and runs fine - until it does it again.  Says it will happen again fairly soon if paddle shifting.  No specific gear.  Has done it in both 2nd and 5th.

Codes are:

U0100 - lost comm w/ecm/pcm A
P0700 - trans error
P0073 - control module comm bus A off

In the process of checking all the connections for wiring/pin/ground issues.  Anyone experienced anything like this?

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