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Converter lock unlock lock?


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Converter lock unlock lock?

Built 6l80e with Circle D 252mm multi with there best internals. I have lockup starting at approx 88 mph in 3rd and after the shift to 4th it remains locked. The TCC pressure stays at 110lbs between shifts. I have my Shift Lock set to Disable. My desire is to have it unlock at the 3rd/4th gear shift to keep from loading engine so much and get the rpms up higher and then lock again through 4th. I run about 13-16 lbs of boost and over 300 hp worth of direct port nitrous. 

My current settings are 4th release at 60mph from 75%-100%

and apply in 4th at 125 mph from 81% throttle thru 100%

If I set 4th to release at some speed just higher than my shift recovery speed will it then unlock at the 3-4 shift? 

Example if my actual shift rpm/speed from 3rd to 4th is 122mph and I set my apply in 4th at 130 mph After being locked through top half of 3rd will it then unlock after the 3-4 shift if my speed is below my release setting in 4th? ie release in 4th is set at 122 mph and then re-apply at 130mph?

Im trying to keep the rpms up a little higher in the bottom half of 4th as the cylinder pressures are extreamly high with my power adder combination. Running in the higher gears keep my rpms from climbing as fast as they do in lower gears. Motor is a lot happier the faster the rpm's  accelerate. Nitrous hanging around too long at a relativily slow rate of acceleration creates more heat and potentially disaterous.. I believe im correct but would appreciate you input.

Is the locking, unlocking then locking again too hard on converter?

Thank you for your time

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