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critique my tune - hptuners


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critique my tune - hptuners

2013 Gmc Sierra Denali AWD, p1sc(tr6 plugs @ .035 gap), 1 7/8 headers, 4 inch cat. converter on stock 3.5" pipe and jones hd muffler, true cool 40k cooler with the stock torque converter for now. does the trans side look ok? sometimes at slow speeds or when comming to a stop, i get a surging or bucking like the converter is locking/unlocking but cant ever catch it on a log. also the fluid level is at the bottom of the hot mark on the dip stick when at 130 degrees fluid temp.


Thanks in advance


Edit: i guess i should add, i think it feels good at part throttle and mid range at the current 6psi, but feel it could be stronger at wot and on the big end. one time i was playing with the fueling via the maf table and i got it leaned out to about11.8-12.0 afr and it felt really strong but i got scared that was on the edge of being too lean so i backed it back down to more richer fueling. Im still very green to tuning too. this was also when it was like 40 degrees outside and i live down in south texas too so thats not very often.

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