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Ctsv and Aftermarket converter vs. Stock converter


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Ctsv and Aftermarket converter vs. Stock converter

I have a customers Ctsv that our goal is just to get the car into the 9's reasonably consistently. Car is flex fuel and trip to the track last weekend on the 2nd run off the trailer it went 10.14@138. And of course the track officials booted him for not having proper safety equipment, which I think is a bar. He doesnt want to put  a bar in it, being it is more of a street car than track car. My question is, do you think adding a higher stall converter could help us shaving some time. I know its hard to tell with only 2 passes, but that is what we have to work with. 60' was 1.528, 1/8th was 6.568@110.05. I would assume with more seat time it should do a 9, but would it be worth the $ and labor time to do an aftermarket converter?

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