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Dies while in 1st gear at stop light, need a helping hand.


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Dies while in 1st gear at stop light, need a helping hand.

This is a fresh build with lots of changes at once after a rebuild.  MAF is tuned, Idle is tuned so far, working on VVE tables when it started dieing in 1st while at a stop light.

This tune and log just started, so the VVE tables aren't pretty.  MAF is disabled, as is DFCO, no LTFTs, O2 readiness disabled.  E85 Tuning isn't in yet, running 91 oct.

Including 2 logs, 1 tune.

Look for the 3 times it goes to 0 RPM in the long log (00:09:39.202) & (00:16:19.957), I was at a stop light, first long light in the drive, it died 3x here, had to give it throttle and chirp away from a stop.  The 2nd log is very short, it happened after a newly mod'd VVE table was put in, reversing out of a parking space and going into D, it died really fast here.

My observations from datalogs are:
Absolute Load (SAE) spiked to 238%

Trans Engine Torque spiked to 885 lb-ft
Dynamic Airflow spiked to 1,028 lb/h

Volumetric Efficiencey Airflow spiked to 17.13 lb/min then 3 frames later Volumetric Efficiency (mg*K/kPa) spiked to 10,897.

Instantaneos Fuel Flow Estimate Spiked to 46 lb/h

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, can't wait to get this solved and start tuning the trans more!

Thank you, specs below


Specs are:

427 Darton sleeved LSA block (4.125" Wiseco piston & 4" stroke) forged Callies magnum crank & Ultra H-beam rods

10.25:1 compression ratio

Cam: 236-360 252-345 119+4

Heads: 260cc fully ported (enlarged from TFS 255cc LS3) YellaTerra 1.8 degree ultralite roller rockers, Exhaust valves is 1.70" Ferra SuperAlloy (Inconel)

ID1300x2 injectors, scaled %50 in tune

DSX external AUX fuel pump

DSX E85 kit before ID F750 filter, then stock LSA fuel rails

Johnson crossbar linked short travel lifters, Manton 3/8" rods

Blower is a fully ported LSA 1.9L (snout 102mm oring'd, interior, & runners), 9.06" lower pulley, 2.38" upper pulley, ZL1 lid with reinforced brick, Vadder Performance HX with -12an lines, Stewart EMP29 overdriven pump.

TB is NW102mm version 2, Lingenfelter 4.5" intake

ARH 1 7/8" headers, wrapped, no cats, 3" X to 2.5" pipes to stock mufflers

Melling High Flow Oil pump, Katech C5R Timing chain, LS7 Timing gear, LS2 dogbone

MightyMouse Extreme -12an catch can

Alky Meth, 2 ports between MAF & TB

Plugs are NGK TRI7X

Wideband ECM 1600L

Trans is a 6L90E Stage 5 by Tim King

Stall converter is a PTC 3100 triple disc.


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