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fast shifts and clunk


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fast shifts and clunk

10 camaro, ecs kit paxton novi 1500, fic 850 inj, 6l90e swap with added clutches, still have waveplates, billet intermediate shaft. 3.91 gear, it went from 400rwhp to 580rwhp on dyno after supercharger.

I basically went with factory ctsv pressures and shift times to slow the speed of my shifts down. Im  not having any luck. i have been playing with eq ratio and airmass a tables. ive dialed in my maf and almost dialed my vve chart and using 2 bar map. Before I wot my car i want to make sure im not gonna destroy anything at the track. Can you look at my tune and explain to me  why it shifts so fast. ill attach a tune and scan. Thanks!

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