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getting 6l80 to stay in lockup


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getting 6l80 to stay in lockup

hi, im new to the site. looking for some help with my trans tune. i have 2010 silverado 6.2l camed withe a circle d 3200 rpm single disc converter. i cant get the thing to stay in lockup in 5th and 6th gear. when running on the highway it is so anoying and unefficent when starting up a hill at 70mph it comes out of lockup in 6th and reves over 3000rpm. im trying to get it to just downshift to 5th and stay in lockup. i want it to run lockup any time im in 5th or 6th crusing. i have my tcc tables set and to me it look like it should stay locked. what am i missing?


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