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Heavely modifying tune vs keeping mostly stock for high HP.


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Heavely modifying tune vs keeping mostly stock for high HP.

Im looking to see what peoples opinion are for tuning built or stock trans in high HP vehicles. Some of the big name guys change 100 different settings and some say to leave the trans as stock as possible. I have tuned a good amount of 6l80/90 and have always had good luck with doing the minimums like reduced Trq man in certain areas, shift times and mph, upping pressures a little, and a few other things. And they always turn out great and live for a long time. I know circle D says to keep as stock as possible but the century tunes are heavely modified along with some other big names i have seen. Im asking because i have a trans That has gone out 2 times so far with multple different tuning stratagies. The car makes around 800HP. I have a different trans i am putting in it in the mean time that is stock with some upgraded clutches and thats it just to get me by until i can fork out the money for a circle d trans. Any insight would be apreciated, I am just trying to see what everyone has had the best luck with. Thanks!

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