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initial 6l90 tune for wot testing


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initial 6l90 tune for wot testing

Hey Wacker,

This Friday I will be dynoing my car, 10 camaro, 416ci, paxton 1500sl with 6l90 and cirle D triple disk 3400, 3.91 gear. The fuel trims and maf will be perfect, hopefully. I dont want to smoke this trans in the first few passes. I know the gear is low, I planned on taking off in second gear if possibe. I went through all of the pressure and shift speeds to match the Base CTSV with the values that you recommend in the shift timing and pressure articles. I also adjusted the converter for slip and so on. I used the bluecat trans tool to adjust the shift speeds and rpm. I want to complete shifts before 6300rpm since that is about my max on blower speed, my car made 701 on the dyno today.

Thanks for your help,


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