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MAF won’t fail


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MAF won’t fail

6.0 out of Chevy truck 04-05 ish

Not trans related but wonder if someone can help. Got a s-10 bracket racing truck that I’ve been tuning for about a year, guy got rid of the MAF. So I set the MAF to fail, but it isn’t setting a code. So I must be doing something wrong. Unless I haveto do the speed density patch for it to work? I’m not sure.

Set lo/hi map to 0. Same on tps.

101,102,103 codes set to fail first.... hertz is set to 0.. might be missing some stuff. But like I said I thought I should see the codes pop up but the don’t and the truck won’t fire. 

I did have him relocate the iat, and that is reading correctly. 

On my phone so if I need to post tune I can when I get around the computer. Thanks for any help.



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