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New to 6L80 and having issues with slip/disengagement


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New to 6L80 and having issues with slip/disengagement

Hi Guys, new to the site and hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

I have a 2008 Holden VE SSV Ute, 427 stroker Magnusson MP1900 Forced Induction Interchiller E85. I have recently rebuilt the trans, added all the goodies from Sonnax, Alto Red clutches. Had some issues with piecing it together myself so had a reputable trans shop check over everything to ensure its together properly. My engine tuner has said that when hes trying to tune in 3 or 4th gears at 4000rpm the trans is either slipping or disengaging gears? Pre E85 tuning and with the old trans it made 390rwkw but was hampered with high IAT's. The reason for rebuilding the trans was a split drum and burnt 456 clutch pack. Im not really sure which direction to go as this trans has less than 100km's on it and mainly dyno km's. 



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