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No brake switch activity when running


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No brake switch activity when running

Recently swapped an L96 and 6L90E in my 1981 Ramp truck. Used  PSI harness for my application. Currently running the stock ECM & TCM from the donor 2010 Express van. Stock MAF for the Express and Corvette gas pedal. No BCM used in my application. Engine and transmission are bone stock. was swapped in for better reliability. Emailed back and forth with PSI about my issue. Followed all their instructions for trouble shooting. They came to the conclusion it was a glitch in HP Tuners software.

I'm not sure whetheror not that's the case. I've scoured the forums for similar issues and tried their solutions with no success. Currently both wires for the TCC/Brake signal are hooked up according to their diagram. 12v pedal depressed and ground when released. I have a ballast resistor at each brake light since I have LEDS.

I've narrowed it down to possibly a TCM issue or incorrect operating system. TCC engagement has been adjusted currently to not engage below 25 MPH. Currently cannot do fast learn or any other procedure where a brake signal is required.


The vehicle it has been transplanted weighs in at 8,500 lbs unloaded. Loaded weight will be up around 14k lbs or so on the high end. Has large aftermarket trans cooler with auxillary fan. Any tips you could give to firm up the shifts and/or improve shift performance.   Main concern is the TCC engagement.


Creation Date: 5/20/2019 9:42:04 PM

VIN: 1GA2GYDG4A1107180
         2010 Chevrolet Express 3500 Passenger LT, 6.0 L, 8 Cyl

Hardware: E38, GM Gen4 V8
VIN: 1GA2GYDG4A1107180
Serial: 86AAKAK19245LQCQ
OS: 12635859

Hardware: T43, GM A6
Serial: DV4908Q463222609
OS: 24254909

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