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Possible bind issue and slipping in gear


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Possible bind issue and slipping in gear

So i'm retuning a CTS-V i tuned about 4yr ago, fast forward i'm back in houston and the cars been to a few local tuners and now i'm tasked with fixing some drivability and trans issues.  I'm not a total moron with these 6sp units but i've also never had much luck with any built ones asside from circle D units. this one seems to be no exception.  They all seem to not need much changed from stock as long as tq mgmt is left on and reported tq is in the ballpark. This one, I want to at least say i've done my due dilligence in getting this thing right before i write the trans build off as a dud.

The car has everyones favorite PATC trans parts, it was built by some local guy that the owner of the car knows who claims he's built a lot of these (though i've heard that before).  It's their stage 4 package with some stupid dinosour name and the motor is built with pistons, rods, a btr stage 4 cam, pullies, fuel system e85 etc.  It makes around 710whp heat soaked on our mustang dyno and reported torque is almost exactly 10-20% higher than tq readings at wot and during steady state/vehicle sim testing measured by the dyno.  This thing made about the same whp on a more optimistic dyno at my previous shop with a bone stock trans and shifted like a champ.  it even survived about a dozen bottles of spray on a ~150 shot. i'm unsure why he replaced it but knowing the tuners he used after i left they love to disable tq mgmt and max out all the pressure tables.

I started by loading a completely stock V2 calibration in the TCM, drove it on the street for about 30min just crusing as a fast learn would never complete and the 1-2 and 5-6 upshifts were awful the entire time.  I then aplied some normal tweaks i've used with success over the years and it got a lot better on the dyno.  i tweaked a few things on the engine side of the cal and made sure reported tq is where it needs to be accross the entire range.  it will complete a wot shift 2-3 3-4 and 4-5 on the dyno fine; torque managment pulls about 25deg out at wot and about 8 or so part throttle. the shifts feel pretty darn good.   

HOWEVER, on the street the car will slip in gear rolling into the throttle at wot in 2nd and 3rd.  Tcc locked or unlocked it doesn't matter and on the logs i can almost see what looks to be a bind though i'd love someones opinion on what they see.  You cant necessary feel the "bind" but from reading on here the rise in tcc slip and the stagnation of rpm climb lead me to susspect it. 

I have attached the current tune file and the log from the dyno and on the street. Btw logs and files were made with the latest beta as of friday. 

So finally my question to you all is:
is there a bind according to those logs? 
and can i increase some pressure to crank up clamping force so it wont slip in gear or is it toast?

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