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Random slipping 6L80E


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Random slipping 6L80E

Hi there new member here and I'm struggling with a 6L80 that feels like it has been dropped in and out of neutral while driving along, it only happens for 10 to 20 seconds then will drive completely normal. This may not happen again for several weeks.

Car is a 2014 Holden Commodore L77 6.0L 

So far I have serviced the trans dropped the pan and fitted the deep pan style with the correct wide mouth filter. All clean no metal.

Checked and rechecked levels on multiple occasions. All good.

Pulled apart the valve body to inspect the checkballs and plate. All appeared okay, 8 checkball setup.

Tested the TECHM with a multimeter to see if the solenoids were within spec as to what I could find on the net. Seemed ok.

To give a insight into what happens I was recently doing a freeway run sitting on approx 110kph in 6th, had been travelling for a couple of hours when suddenly the car neutral drops/trans slips and the engine free revs for about 10 seconds . The car then returns to normal and I continue driving for another hour without any issues.....WTF.

Any help would be appreciated.

Trans spit.hpl

Small slip log.hpl


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