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sierra TVS1900 TUNE


Circle D Level 2 and 3 Install kits available!!!!!!!!!! Message me through the Questions tab for info... Additional $100 off tuning during COVID. 


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sierra TVS1900 TUNE


I am new to tuning and started using hp tuners a month or so ago.  Ive been trying to get my trans tune perfected and just this weekend installed a magnuson TVS1900 kit on my truck.  I am using their engine tune with the trans tune i have been working on.  just wanted to post up my log and tune here to see where i can inprove the tunes, and get any other info anyone would like to share.  I am eager to learn more and get both truck tunes dialed in.  It seems my LTFT are a little rich at lower rpm and i can smell the fuel when ideling.  would like to get that corrected, but i dont have a wideband instaled yet to properly do that.  Also curious abot TCC lockup and with my truck making so much more torque now if i can lock it up sooner to get a little more acceleration, but would like to make the transmission last as this truck is my daily driver.  


thanks for the help.



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