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software compatabilty


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software compatabilty

Hey Guys, New one here, seems awesome info so far!!

Can i put a later model Engine ecu in an earlier model vehicle, and write the later trans file in the early trans ecu?

early ECU info, engine - 2009 E38 OS 12624402, trans - T43 OS 24243170

late ECU Info, Engine - 2011E38 OS 12639270, Trans - T43 OS 24256125

reason, the early model ecu is on a supercharged engine and has bigger injectors and the ecu has the injector limit, and so far my attempts to make it run properly has not been 100%, the einge runs and drives, has done 30k like it is but u can just tell its not right.

and the trans is terrible, flicks gears on cruise for no reason, drops from 6th to 5th with no change in road conditions or throttle movemt, sloppy shits and delayed and then sometimes is harsh, now this could be engine/trans tune related or conversion related (as its in a ford ranger) but need to sort the engine tune out first before trying to do the trans if feel.

cheers Guys








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