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TCC Adapt


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TCC Adapt

2011 Camaro 430ci LSx block @16 lbs PD blower and 250+ shot Direct Port Nitrous built 6l80 with all hard parts. I have a 2800 rpm quad disk lock up and you have worked with me several times in the past.

Decided to try and work on my torque convertor lockup points again. Lock up is pretty predictable and fairly consistant if already starting (as an example) in 3rd gear.

Im curently tuned where 3rd and 4th will lock. 3rd is set to lock at 55 and 4th at 60mph. TCC lne pressure will go to 110 at the disiired mph and then takes varried amout of time to actually start lockup. When it starts lockup it will lockup hard and quick . You have seen the logs in the past and I would have used the old thread but I dont know how to find it.

What I have problems with is when making full throttle hits going through the shifts. I need to have the  TCC lockup closer to the actual gear change. ie After the 2-3 shift, line pressure will max at 110 psi in about 0.10 - 0.15 sec. but will not actaully start its lockup until a varried amount of time later. Car can accelerate another 20-30 mph before it actually locks. How can I get it to actually lock sooner following the gear change?

Will the trans oil temp effect the lockup?

Does it have something to do with trans pressure/pump priority on the shift vs lockup?

What does the TCC Adapt adjustments do?  Should I turn the TCC Adapts off?

Thanks for your time

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