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Torque Coefficient-EQ Ratio Based


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Torque Coefficient-EQ Ratio Based

We know increasing the EQ Ratio and or Airmass A-D table produces increased delivered torque readings and thus increases trans pressure and some other trans torque related settings. What else would/could this table affect? Fueling, PE, Timing, DynClyAir etc.?

HP Tuners forum has info that reducing negative values (making less negative) in the RPM A-D tables also provides simular results. Can you tell us about the affects of changing these? What about the Spark A - D tables? Would any of the Airmass Based tables affect Dynamic Cylinder Air readings?

Runnung an Open or  Closed Loop Speed Density tune basically does away with the MAF. How much affect does the PE, VE or in my case with a Custom OS, BE  fueling tables have on torque readings?

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