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Trans tune


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Trans tune

Hi, I had my car tuned on 93/E85 not too long ago, and noticed that transmission was banging into gears pretty hard, and it seemed to be taking too long.

Did a couple 1/4 mile runs, and with 1.74 '60 I only managed 11.34 @ 123. I feel like with faster shifts it would go a bit faster.

Anyway, I looked through the tune the other day, and changed Speed control from "Torque Ramp" to "Immediate", and re-enabled upshift torque reduction.

I also used BlueCat and changed shift/tcc options. It feels and shifts better now.

Figured I ask here if my shift pressures and the rest of trans tune look safe to use.

Car is A6, V2, 2.55, airaid, 1050x, DSX flex fuel, and not cats.

I attached a couple of logs, as well as dyno tune, and one with my changes.

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