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Triple Disk 2800 stall, desire stock feel lock-up

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Triple Disk 2800 stall, desire stock feel lock-up

Hi there, been a member here for a while but never posted. I have a long and sorted tale but I don't really want to get into it right now. Quick and dirty is this...I have a "built" 6L80e in my 2010 Sierra Denali (Whipple charged) with a 2800 stall Yank triple-disk converter (no idea on specs as they don't even advertise such a thing) thats been in my truck for about 4 years. I had my engine tuner guy help me with the TCM tuning files shortly after the trans was reinstalled and I've never rally been happy with the way it locks up. I'm not sure he really knew how to tune these transmissions anyway because I have the dreaded 2-3 flare now. I'm going to look into selling my truck and would prefer the converter feel more like the stock unit. I know my way around a HPT file but I'm almost completely helpless wih regards to the apply ramp table. I know that I should post up a copy of my file and a log, and I will once I'm finished lowering the boost and adjusting the MAF transfer function. I guess I'm preemptively asking for advice on how to start tweaking my apply ramp table (and any other pertinent tables) to get closer to what I'm after. I have read through the FAQ and articles and tried following along as best I can (have 0 desired slip for example). I took the stock apply ramp numbers and halved them since I guess my converter doesn't like as much ramp pressure as stock(?). I guess I'm just not sure where to start and how to get the desired results. What should I be tracking in my log to aid me? Thanks in advance. Rich





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