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What channels to log for a 6L90E? Concerned bout binding.


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What channels to log for a 6L90E? Concerned bout binding.

Is there a list of channels & graph types to log so I can get to tuning my 6L90E?

I have a built 6L90E by Tim King, billet planetary, and upgraded clutches, and a 3100 PTC converter.

It's fresh build and I'm concerned about binding, and softening some the 1-2 shift, it comes on really harsh under low throttle in auto mode.  What would I modify to change this?

I've done the reset, preset, fast adapts and relearn proceedure.  it failed the first time, completed the second time.

I'm also curious to see how I would notice binding, I hear these build transmissions can be prone to binding.  What do I log for that and what type of graph to a make for it?


Thank you for any input on this.


Specs are:
CTS-V Wagon
427 Darton sleeved LSA block (4.125" Wiseco piston & 4" stroke) forged Callies magnum crank & Ultra H-beam rods

1/2" ARP head Studs, ARP studs on bearing caps, all interals are ARP

10.25:1 compression ratio

Cam: 236-360 252-345 119+4

Heads: 260cc fully ported (enlarged from TFS 255cc LS3), decked to 67.5mm, YellaTerra 1.8 degree ultralite roller rockers, Exhaust valves is 1.70" Ferra SuperAlloy (Inconel)

ID1300x2 injectors, scaled %50 in tune

DSX external AUX fuel pump

DSX E85 kit before ID F750 filter, then stock LSA fuel rails

Johnson crossbar linked short travel lifters, Manton 3/8" rods

Blower is a fully ported LSA 1.9L (snout 102mm oring'd, interior, & runners), 9.06" lower pulley, 2.38" upper pulley, ZL1 lid with reinforced brick, Vadder Performance HX with -12an lines, Stewart EMP29 overdriven pump.

TB is NW102mm version 2, Lingenfelter 4.5" intake, 1" laminar weir just before MAF sensor

ARH 1 7/8" headers, wrapped, no cats, 3" X to 2.5" pipes to stock mufflers

Melling High Flow Oil pump, Katech C5R Timing chain, LS7 Timing gear, LS2 dogbone

MightyMouse Extreme -12an catch can

Alky Meth, 2 ports between MAF & TB

Plugs are NGK TRI7X

Wideband ECM 1600L

Trans is a 6L90E Stage 5 by Tim King

Stall converter is a PTC 3100 triple disc.

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