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Who actually knows how EXACTLY the shift logic/process occurs?


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Who actually knows how EXACTLY the shift logic/process occurs?

As in when your in 1st "PCS 5 Cmd Pressure" is 110 psi, when TPS starts raising looks like PCS1 starts raising pressure. 

Looks like when 2nd engages PCS4 goes to 110 psi, PCS1 snaps to 77 on change, drops pressure but not all just down around 50? Bobbles around there, then drops to 30 when indicated gear changes to 3, oncoming clutch says C3 then PCS snaps up to 63psi and Fill Pressure CMD (which has been 8 through all of 2nd gear so far) jumps to 24 and PCS4 drops from the 110psi its been all second gear to 53psi and PCS2 goes from 0 to 55. When gear change ACTUALLY occurs PCS4 drops pressure to 0 as PCS2 is raising pressure to 110

What of this is normal, and what is supposed to happen on next gear changes in CORRECT operation? Certainly there is some incorrect operation going on here it surges rpm horribly through all of 2nd till the top then it feels normal and finally completes gear change


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